Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am lost.... I dont know how to feel, what to think. I try to get on with life, with everyday stuff but I am just lost.

My mind is so full of so many thoughts, emotions and feelings.... too many to work out, to put into words even.

Last night i had a horrible dream where the heinious man... cant call him anything but a monster - was in it... it seemed so real even his injuries which although i havent seen in real life, looked real. It was horrible.

I keep thinking he's gonna get out of custody and come over here....

adj is so down and so sad, he feel that the monster has taken everything away from her and he feels it for his bro and nan. He went to see MIL today, cant wait til he comes back so i can see how she is.


Nina said...

have a big hug from me hun. x

Heather said...

me too peechy xxx

Peechy said...

thanks so much hunnies, deff needed those hugs xxx