Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yesturday, some stupid woman decided it would be a good idea to look in her bag while driving!
Adj was waiting to turn down a road, on coming traffic was flowwing so he was waiting for a gap, then BANG, Poor kylo and jayz woke up and were startled... kali was right in the back as we had a friend with us so he was closest to the collision.
Stupid, stupid woman!! She just sat in her car looking shocked then got out, adj myself and our friend went over and she just stared in our faces, It was right at a bus stop so people were looking on too..... ARRRGGG I was mad!! She got her phone out and i assumed she was calling the police. I took photo's of both our cars for Insurance purposes, she got of the phone and said "What shall we do, shall we phone the police?"
SO I said "wasn't you phoning them?"
"No" she replied "because I didnt know the number, is it 999?" WHAT!!?? is this woman for real is all i could ask myself, my friend and I just looked at each other in amazement.
Adj must have seen the smoke coming out of my ears and so he sent me to the car LOL.
I was in there for a while and the woman comes over I really didnt want to talk to her as I was fumming but she knocked on the window, I opend the window and she was saying sorry, sorry.... I said "I've got 3 kids in her, and a baby coming, what were you thinking off??"
She then told me she was looking in her BAG!!! I was just soooooo mad, She put our life at risk because she was looking in her bag, I knew she hadnt been watching, cos we were stationary and waiting for a fair few minutes and were on a stretch of road, so she just plain couldnt have been watching!!

Went for a check up much later as my back was really aching and I wanted to make sure Bubble was ok,
Nurse over reacted when she prodded my neck which obviously hurt and tols me they needed to strap me down!! and isolate my neck.... I told her my neck wasnt hurting it was my back.... did she listen??? NO!! so she took me through to the back and a doc came out, He asked me what happened then asked me what speed we were going, i told him we were stationary and then he asks me what speed woman was going??? Like I knew... The silly man wouldnt take the fact that i didnt know and asked was i 100 miles er hour...... why are docs so patronising..... so i said to him" I have a picture of her car... maybe YOu can tell the speed from that??" He then changed his une and said, "Oh no nevermind, thats ok" PHLUUFFFF!!!
He then proded me and decided i wasnt suffering from broken neck or whatever it was the nurse had written and so we all went back out to waiting room................ for HOURS!! BAHHHHH. Adj and Kali fell asleep and Jayz and Kylo were over tired, Jayz kept running around, fidgeting, jumping etc. Kylo Fidgeting, crying and in the end Adj took them to the car so they could sleep.
Finally I was called in and gladly it was a diff doc, she asked what happened and asked if I was asthmatic, as I was wheezy, I told her I was and she listenend to my chest and back... tight!! so she told me I needed a nebuliser, She prodded my back and I nearly jumped of the bed/couch!! OUCHHHHHH....

Well if you've reached up to here, thanks for reading LOLOL, I'm all achy and Chest is a little "wet" from nebuliser but Bubble is ok. The car can be fixed a the end of the day ad we are all ok so thats what matters..... so frustrating but hey.... we're alive.

Got in around 3am so we're not going to church for afernoon service, we'll go to the evening one.


Alex said...

OMG what a total plank this woman was!!!! looking in her bag, I am surprised you didn't wallop her with your bag!!! lol

So glad you are okay and the kidlets are fine

Peechy said...

wanted to wallop her one i can tell you!! :O)