Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why?? How??

Why would someone be so evil?
How could someone do such a thing and inflict so much pain to another human being and more so to the one you have chosen to spend your life with?

My darling, beautiful MIL was savagely attacked by her husband on monday, I cant really write all the details here as people who are very sensitive and even children may read this blog and also legally I'm not sure what I can and cant say.

The absolute animal has caused her to have burns from waist up front and back. He did such an awful, disgusting, attrocious thing..... I still cant believe what he's done.

She is in a specialist Burns hospital and he is in a hospital under police guard as he has been arrested with attempted murder.

Adj is in bitz, EllBell(his little bro.) is too, Ellbell saw his mum at the time and had to put the flames out and administer first aid etc.... what can the poor guy be going through. He's staying with us a the moment and he hasnt eaten properly since monday.
I had to hold him in my arms on tues morning and put him to bed on our sofa, I feel for him I really do.

I am just devestated, My emotions go from angry to sadness to hurt to anxious to worried to pain to grief to hate...... and all diff emotions between.

I have seen life in a different view, things that I have held so important mean absolutely nothing.... arguements are pointless.
Here I was moaning that my hair is breaking and so getting short and comming away when I put my hands through it and now my MIL has no hair as the surgeons had to cut/shave it off.


ScrapStars said...

Oh hun I am so sorry for you all - especially your poor MIL. I hope she gets better asap & that she can get over what her husband did to her.

Love & Hugs Fayesy.

Heather said...

Peechy - so sorry to read what you and your MIL and family are going through. God bless you all.

(Heather - UKS)

Pauline said...

Sending lots of hugs and praying for you and your MIL/DH/Bro in law. Its truly awful what you're all going through. Lots of love Pauline (uks)

Jules said...

Goodness, I am so sorry to read of such a horrifying experience. Thoughts and prayers are with all involved.

Nina said...

Peechy my eyes are full of tears. I really dont know what to say as I am shocked.
When taking care of everyone else, please remember to look after yourself. x

Linda said...

Big ((HUGS)) peechy. So sorry to hear the terrible news.

Peechy said...

thanks you all so much for your kind comments and wishes xxx