Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Scrapped!!!

whoooo weeeeee!!

After having days and days of having no time or no energy to craft, I saw a thread over at UKS that gives Immediate Challenges, I lurked for a while and then decided I really wanted to Scrap and so asked for a Challenge,
I was given a challenge by amanda:
Use 2 colours 2 photos ribbon and buttons
so last night I got my butt in gear and did it!! So chuffed that I actually crafted!! LOLOL

Here it is:

Scrap paper (backgroud), ribbon, buttons - Costco
PP - Scenic Route
Flock Alphabet - Poundland
Cardstock (photo matts and tag) - HOTP
Ink - Catseye Chalk

I finally used one of the fancy schmancy tag stamps!!

And to add to my Smugginess, I used stash from 3 kits, which means I've finally kept my promise to actually use the kits I get... The only way I can justify getting them.
I used the PP from May's Scraproom Flavors kit (the Scenic Route part)
Buttons, Ribbon and Scrapbook paper - which is actually like card from the kit from Costco.
And the Scissors from the June CTM kit to make a scalloped edge!! Whooo hooo!!!

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Alex said...

Hiya - this is very cute - right you asked me a question on my blog,

The pregnant lady is a bella ( so pop on over and have a look, but I know that Kitty ( is going to be stocking bellas as is MrsMc (Karen) on UK Scrappers I don't the name of her shop, I will try and have a look and get back to you cause she might have it, I would send you some images, but for all the bellas I own this is not one of them, I was sent these images by a friend from States, I have Mamabella which is the bella holding the baby!!! lol