Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What a day!

What a day yesturday!!
Hubby went to work for 6am (tues) and didnt get back to collect me till 4.30am (wed)!!!
He had to stay to finish refit at work, then the alarm wasn't working or something and he had to stay for engineer, well I say had to but I guess he had a choice about it all so I was narked to say the least....... I'm sure he could have called the person on call to come and wait for the engineer but hey.... new day and all that.

Work was hectic yesturday, peeps coming in to make their Christmas orders, I was manning the desk It was quite funny at times.
A guy was putting his order through and I was telling him a few items are now unavailable..... May I just add her that he was FINE!!!!! LOLOLOL....anyway...... We were going through it and another customer came over and looked thru the book. She was giving off some funny atitude but I just ignored her and carried on.
I told Mr Fine that another item was available but that this wasn't and the Customer waiting said "SO can I make an order then?" I looked at her, Mr fine looked at me and then at her.
I told her "You can make an order but I'm just doing this order now"
"Oh!" she said.
Mr Fine said "Oh.... how odd. What does she think we're doing? standing here doing nothing.... " and some other stuff that I cant remember cos I was laughing too much. I really tried to be a unbiased but it was too funny......
To be fair to the Lady, when Mr Fine had gone, SHe told me that she thought he worked there as she had seen him before there, she said "He's such a handsome man that I remembered, I thought he was your boss as he was standing behind the desk with you."
LOLOL, see he was FFFIiiinnnneee!! LOLOL I said could you imagine if he was my boss? and we had a laff, I told her that she must have thought we were so rude if she thought we were working and chatting and ignoring her, She was quite a nice lady actually.

Off to work later, wonder if I'll be at the desk again.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, isn't it funny sometimes, the things that we chat about at work. At least the lady didn't turn out to be too bad in the end.
Beth XX