Sunday, December 17, 2006

I want Eggnog!!!

Ok so my newest obsession is Eggnog!! I decided to try an eggnog latte at starbucks for a change to my usual gingerbread latte!!
Gingerbread lattes are the most yummmist yummy! So much so that I had to buy a bottle of gingerbread syrup to take home.
Now I am in no way shunning the lovely gingery latte... but.... I am in love with it's yellowey creamy bud eggnog latte!! I love the sweet (almost sickly) taste, all rich and creamy and nutmeggy!! ofcourse a little whipped cream just has to be added, I just close my eyes and dont think of the calories!!
I only have one a week pr even less as I pop in to the starbucks near work on my way in and only if i'm more than 15 mins early.
Starbucks cant sell me a carton as it's not for resale/retail , the friendly baristas let me see the carton to read (I had a flash of me running out the store shouting "it's mine...all mine")
to see if there was an address on it but it's made esp for starbucks coffee comp and it comes from US, the addy had a the amsterdam starbucks on it.

I have searched for a carton or tin of the creamy stuff and being an American traditional drink, I cant find it! The only two places that I found online was ebay and an american product online store.... but it was £6.25 a can!!! PLUS p&p!! nearly £10!! I cant bring myself to pay £10......

oooooooo!!! I could scream!! and to think it's origins are here in europe - sob!!

Right I'm gonna have to go to every forum I'm part off.... even the ones I just lurk in and see if anyone knows where to get some.

Oh and I know I could make it but I want a carton so I can have it there when I want and keep and well.... laziness i guess!!

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