Friday, December 1, 2006

Prompt 10

Prompt 10: Fri 24th NovLuke 1:57-75 Back to John the Baptist today ... God had great plans for him from the moment he was born. The fact that God's hand was with John from the moment of his birth suggested God would be guiding him - and that John would respond to God's guidance. In what way is God's hand on your life right now?Lord, I place myself into Your hands. So often I am too busy to take time to listen to Your voice or to feel Your touch on my life. Help me to be more aware of You and to respond to Your promptings. Help me to make time to actively seek your will for me at this time. Amen

The Lord is really helping me with my ministry. I want to continue growing in my singing and ministering.
I have started to lead Praise and Worship which is such a great thing for me. I am soooo nervous but also happy that God is using me. I want to be a blessing and I want my voice to get better and better!!

I am trying to let God lead me more and more.... I have to stop being stuborn and remove all fear and doubt.

I want to continue to excell in all I do.

As a youth leader, I deff feel God's hand.... I would never have thought I'd be in this possition and I even said I'd "Never" do it.... (famous last words LOLOLOL)

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