Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pressies galore!!

Forgot to update here with my lovely pressies:

Day 6:
I got a pack of yummmmie buttons!!

Day 7:
I got a stix2 tape glue pen.

Day 8:
got a die cut tag sheet in a boy theme!!

Day 9:
I got a pack of really cute i kandee charms. LOve them!!

Day 10:
wow!! I just oppened my pressie and It's a really cool pink clutch bag, PINK and a BAG!! I am love, love loving it!! it's in a fab shape too am half tempted to use it for eve service later.... gonna see if I can fit all my I mean important stuff at least I wont need nappies and wipes and other kiddie bits as kiddies will be at mums

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