Monday, December 4, 2006

Prompt 19: Sun 3rd Dec

Prompt 19: Sun 3rd Dec
"Deck the Halls ...."
It's starting to look Christmassy out there ... how do you decorate for Christmas? Do you have a huge tree with colour-coordinated decorations? minimal decorations? Neon Santas & snowmen all over the house? Does your tree have a star on it? or an angel? or something else? Do you include a nativity scene in your home?

Lord, thank you for the festive decorations we see around us. Thank you for the opportunity to decorate our houses, workplaces, schools & towns for this season & for the freedom to celebrate Christmas in the UK. We pray for those who do not have the freedom to celebrate due to the laws of the country they are resident in. Amen

The last couple of years, I've had a bowl of baubles ontop of the tv as our decs, Last year I recieved a really pretty glittery tree in a pressie swap, small and cute which I put on the tv too, infact it's still there as I love it soooo much I also got a cute little drum which Jayz adopted as his own!! He loves drums!!
This year, I'm hopping to have a pretty wooden tree that we'll decorate ourselves, I also want some lights or something..... oooo, I may even put some lights in the down stairs window.

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