Friday, December 1, 2006

Prompt 16

Prompt 16: Thurs 30 NovWhat does Christmas sound like?Is there a sound that means "Christmas" to you? Jingle bells? The Salvation Army brass band? "Ho ho ho"? the beeping of battery operated toys? the tearing of wrapping paper? What are your favourite Christmas songs & Carols?God of music, Fill our lives this Christmas season with the sounds that are pleasing to you. Show us new meaning in the old words and help us to find a new joy in the traditional sounds. Amen

sounds of Christmas:

Carrols....... Songs...... laughter...... toys...... games.......

My all time fave song is Mariah Carey's- All I want for Christmas Is YOu. Love it!! when I go out shopping and hear that, I know it's Christmas LOL.

My first "real" Job was in a shoe shop and it was when boyzone just came out and they sang "love me for a reason" or something like that.... still remember it.... the store had a compilation tape and it played over and over again..... When I hear any of the songs from the tape it really brings back memories!

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