Friday, December 1, 2006

Prompt 15

Prompt 15: Weds 29 NovWhat does Christmas taste of? What foods do you associate with Christmas? Are there certain things you only eat at this time of year? What will you be eating for Christmas dinner? Do you make your own Christmas pudding? Do you bake? Is there a specific food/taste related memory that you have of Christmas?Father, Provider, Thank you for the food we enjoy at Christmas time, and for your faithful provision throughout the year. We who have never known true hunger, place into your hands those who will go hungry today. At this time of giving and receiving, teach us how to appreciate what we have. Amen

Sprouts are deff a Christmas only food!! I hardly have it any other time of the year. Turkey too, i find it a bit dry but i always get a slice or two at Christmas.

Chocolate used to have a big place in our home over the hollidays, we had tins and advent callenders and selection boxes... and coins......... it went on and on.
Nowadays, I dont even buy one tin, a couple of years ago we just briught a box.... worked ok.

I'm trying to stay away from choc so wont go overboard, i'll get some sugar free choc.

We got calanders for the boys today!!

Ohhhhh!! I've just remembered!! Mcdoanalds used to do a pie called yuletide, it was cooked just like their apple pies but instead of apple, it was filled with mincemeat and a creamy white sauce.
Tasted delish!!! could do with one right now!!

Hubby loves Choc Yule logs at Christmas, Tesco finest is his fave.

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