Monday, October 1, 2007

Fabby Visit

We all went to see MIL yesturday.
Was the first time the kids have seen her and we were a little anxious as to how they'd react but each one reacted in exactly the way we thought.
They were just fab and Kali had a lovely cuddle with MIL. He was so happy I melted and just felt like blubbering.
Jayz just looked for a while and took everything in - he and kylo had just woken up so they were a little miserable and spaced anyway. MIL asked him if it was still her and he said yes.... how sweet is that?
Kylo was just the same as usual and stared and smilled from afar. They both soon warmed up and were hoping and jumping and skipping around the place as usual.

I totally didnt say everything I wanted to say to MIL, I just couldnt form the words. I just wanted to hug her but didnt, i just dont want to hurt her.

She was walking around and everything, she is just soooooo amazingly fab!! her hands looked so good, the colour in her fingers are comming along nicely and she can move them much more.

She was in pain in the evening which was horrible, I think she was a little upset when we were going too.

I had a little blubber when i went to bed. I thought I'd come to terms with all this but I havent really. I am just so PO'd that this has happened, I am so sad and when i close my eyes when she's talking, I see her like before.....

I soooo want bubble to be a girl for her, she'd love a granddaughter.

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Pauline said...

I'm so happy that she's out of hospital and that you and the children have been able to see her. I'm in awe of her strength (and also of yours, you're amazing!) and hope that she can continue to be strong and that she will get better and better by the day. Love to all :)