Friday, October 26, 2007

bibble, bobble..... BUBBLE!!!!!!

Whooo hoooo!! bubble's here and ....................

He's a BOY!!!!!

LOLOLOL another boy!! no pink shopping for me, and no more oestrogeon in the house..... tetesterone all the way.

Wha a dash to the hospital it was too!!

I went to the toilet at something to 2pm and had these odd pains.... then they became worse. I quickl had a wash and combed my hair... went to my bedroom to get my hair gel but another contraction made me jump onto the bed!! Adj said "That's it... we need to go to the hospital" i went downstairs to get dressed but he pains were coming so close together I had to keep stopping, and jumping backwards onto the computer chair!

finaly got ready and went to the car, put a mat under me just in case and we set off.

On the way a group of people decided to cross the road, in the middle of the street... no crossings and stupid cow got cross because adj kep driving.. poor love had me groaning in his ear and knew baby was on way, so anyway this gallah then throws something on our windscreen..... sooooo no what you need when you're in labour, kiddies in he back asking you if you're sick.....

Adj had called my mum to meet us at the hospital as I knew we didn't have time to get her on the way.

When we arrived at he hosp i felt like it was time to push so I told the receptionist, there was a midwife there and she asked if it was my first baby, when i told her it was my 4th, you ahould have seen her face!! she quickly broke of her convo and told me to come with her, we went through to the labour ward and she asked if a room was available, she was told "NO" "It's a fourth baby" she said... "room 5!!!" came the reply LOLOLOL,

So any way I got into the room and hollered, so the love gave me some gas and air...... for the first time ever, I used it effectively..... now i know they tell you to breathe it in when you feel the contraction coming and then stop when it's over, but I just kept breathing in and out and when i felt odd... i jus kept on..... this helped the pain much more than i ever has.
I had prayed for the last few weeks for a managable and easy labour, I got myself in such a state over it and had disscussion about epidural with anethesist and just didnt know what to do. I didnt really want to have an epidural but i sooo didnt want the pain.
I have to say although I didnt stick to my side of the bargain, God stuck to his and the labour was the best ever!! 15mins after I arrived at the hosp Bubble was born!!!

The only scary bit was the after bit...... I lost 600ml of blood and it wasnt stopping so injection....... drip....... massaging...... stirups.... lights ..... poking........ pulling...... placing stuff places and threats of having to go to theatre... pryayers...... things started to get better.
Adj had to run back home while the drip was running through as i had left a whole load of stuff including my nightshirts, dressing gown, toothbrush and paste, hair stuff and loads more... oh and nappies, we were in such a rush to leave the house.

Felt dizzy in the shower and my mum came in room with me... slightly embarassing but very reasuring having her there..... never to old to have a bit of mothering!!

soooooooooo........ Back home with lovely cute baby!!!


Ali M said... to you all...
rest now...!!


joanne.turner said...

Fab news Peechy. Glad everything came together and you are all well

naomi_m said...

Congratulations. God is good, isn't he!

Caroline said...

Congratulations Peechy xxx

Jemm said...

Congratulations Peechy and Adj of course. So pleased everything went well. xx

Tracey Johnson said...

congratulations hun, bit scary but glad they got you sorted in the end. love tj

Claire aka Feline said...

Aww Peechy what brilliant news...lots of big hugs and all the very best to and your family.

Congratulations hun :)

ScrapStars said...

Ohhhhhhhhh babes glad you & bubble are safely at home!

So how big is he & what is he called??

Love to you all xxxxxxx

BTW Pictures we NEED pictures!

Loads of love from Fishy & I xx

Kirsty said...

Congratulations, antastic news xx

Anthea said...

Awwwww Peechy hun! I'm so chuffed for you and proud of you too. You did grand gal, you did grand! Rest now dearie and let everyone else make a fuss of you for a bit.

Let us know your little one's stats and his name soon!!


Nina said...

Congratulations luv. x x x

Eleni said...

Congratulations Peechy ... all the way from Greece!!! ;)

Mary said...

Many congratulations on your new arrival Peechy. Take it easy now hun and don't go overdoing it!!

Pauline said...

FANTASTIC news, congratulations!

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Well done - congrats and love to you all!

Louise said...

big congratulations to your blue bundle:)

Glad you are both well