Wednesday, October 17, 2007

LLlllllloooooooooong weekend!!

What a lonnnggggg weekend I've had.

Sunday was an appreciation day for our Pastor and Elder at church.

Tuesday we went to the funeral of a good friend's mum. She's taking it really hard. The funeral was 260 miles there and back so we were very tired!!

Today we drove up to see MIL i was a really nice visit, she's getting on so well.
The only thing that was bad was when she was in pain, I need to by her a timer so that she can remember when it's time to take her pain meds.
I finally gave her a kiss!! I've been so scared that i may hurt her and have been just sort of saying bye and scarpering but today she called me as I was gonna go and said bye again so I went in and gave her a kiss on her cheek and she rubbed/patted bubble!! I was grining from ear to ear LOLOL, I've wanted to do that since the very night all this started.... I know it sounds all girly and pink but I dont care heeeeeee and anyway.... whats wrong with being girly and pink?? better than how i've been feeling last couple of days.... all prickly and cranky.

Got to play with my Tilda's - well the two that I rescued from the pick up truck.... still can't find bunny tilda.
I am so impressed with the quality of the rubber!! I take back my misgivings, the image is so clear and i love the whatever you call it stuff that sticks the stamp to the acrylic block.... i thought it would be sticky and when i peeled a little back it was slick but got advice that it's exactly what it was meant to be like - silly me LOLOL - weeeeeellllll, I love it and think i'll try and track some down to put on my bella's.... think that will make them more "cushie"
soooo anyway, I stamped and coloured two in to try out my pencils and the glaze pen and water technique i saw on c&c.
I love the water and glaze pens.... just fab.. pencils were yummy too and I can see a new addiction comming on LOLOL
Will make two cards to mount them on and post piccies.

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