Friday, October 12, 2007

Missing Tilda!!

Wahhhhhh!! my bunny suit tilda is lost....... last seen?? in the back of the kiddies pick up truck....
all three tildas were tilda jacked by kylo and silly mummy thought... hmmm I'll go get them later, now I only see two of them and the bunny suit one is lost!!! wahhhhhhh!!

Bubble is getting so heavy, all he movements are soooo hard. I'm still worrying about the slightly large head..... you know where that's gotta escape from (ahem)

Got appt on Mon with consultant and then with anesathist(bad sp) I think I have another water infection so will let doc know then.

Got sooooo many things I want to do craft wise but no time and i MUST carry on the house blitz or Bubble will be lost amongst the junk... er i mean prize possesions ;o)

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